Frequently Asked Questions

What is the voltage? 

110v. For use with 220v outlets, you will need to use a transformer. 

How loud is it? 


Does it blow air? 


What are the different temperature settings? 

The Hot Volume Brush has achieved perfect 180° heat that effectively styles while preventing any damage to the hair. You can also switch the setting to ION, which is gentler on fragile hair and produces a frizz-free shine. ​

How much does it weigh? 

The Hot Volume Brush is super lightweight at 313g, or 0.7 lbs. 

Can this be used on short hair? 

Yes, it works great for styling bangs and short bobs! A minimum of 4” is recommended for best effectiveness.

Do you need to blow dry before use? 

For best results, use on hair that is 95%-100% dry.  

Does this give shine to the hair? 

Absolutely! Switch the setting to ION, enabling the ionic heat and producing a beautiful frizz-free shine. 

What is the barrel width? 

The barrel width is 1.5 inches. 

Does the hair get tangled-up in it? 

Not at all! The Vasari Hot Volume Brush is known for it’s Tangle-Free Technology. Unlike styling with a blow dryer and round brush, this brush has extra long nylon bristles that never get caught in the hair. 

Does it work on fine hair? 

The Vasari Hot Volume Brush works on all hair types, but will work faster on fine hair because it takes less time for the heat to transfer from the ceramic barrel. 

Does it work on thick hair? 

For best results on thick hair, pause 3-5 seconds before sliding through to allow the heat to transfer from the brush to the hair. Though the brush will require extra time on each section, the hold will be firmer on thicker hair.